Let Your Pet Fly with You with Delta Airlines

Let Your Pet Fly with You with Delta Airlines

Posted By: Admin 28 Feb, 2020

Are you planning to take your pet with you on your vacation, but wondering about the policy of the airline? Well, then it is time to start looking for flights to your destination with Delta Airlines. With them, you can fly with your pet in a safe, smooth, comfortable and hassle-free manner. According to the Delta Pet Policy, passengers are allowed to carry their pets on board. Moreover, Delta also ships some pets as cargo depending on their size. 

To let your pet fly with you, it is important to inform the staff of the airline in advance. Also, make sure that you review the requirements before making the call to the customer executive of Delta. 

Delta’s Policy on Carry-On Pets

If your furry travel partner is a small dog, cat or household birds, then Delta allows them to travel with you on the same flight but of course in the cabin for a one-way fee. The pet will be collected by the Delta concerned person at the check-in counter. 

However, it is important to remember that the carry-on pet must fit in a compact, small, ventilated pet carrier that you can keep under your seat. As per the Delta Pet Policy, pet in cabin kennels will be counted as your one carry-on item. Moreover, the passenger is allowed to bring a single personal item onboard the aircraft.

Delta’s Policy on Pet Shipping 

If the pet is not small enough to fit in a carrier under your seat, then it is essential to avail the special shipping service that is Delta Cargo to get your pet transported to your destination safely.

It is important to remember that the pet-owners need to book their pets separately from their flight itinerary. Extra charges may apply in such scenario. Also, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that the pet will be shipped on the same flight of the customer or flight schedule. 

Flying with your pet is simple, convenient and trouble-free with Delta Airlines.

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