Which airline is best for flying-Delta Vs United?

Which airline is best for flying-Delta Vs United?

Posted By: Admin 28 Feb, 2020

In an ever-changing industry, with several companies promising you to provide the best onboard service, choosing a favorite airline is quite a challenge.

It is a fact that most of the fliers who travel frequently tend to become loyal towards a particular airline. As a result, they strongly believe that their chosen airline is quite affordable, most trustworthy or never cancels any flight without any prior notice. But when it comes to making a choice between the two biggest names in the aviation industry like Delta Airlines and United Airlines, you are sure to get puzzled.

So, here we are to help you clear your confusion and make a decision while choosing between United Airlines and Delta airlines for your next journey. You can go through this comparison between both the popular airlines and come to a conclusion while booking your flights.

  Delta Vs United Ranking

According to the reports published in 2018, Delta holds a better position than United in several aspects like that of on-time arrivals, customer complaints, and baggage handling. It also has a better score in most of the service categories where delta has achieved the first position and United the fifth. It is always a wise decision to make your choice based on the operational statistics rather than on the quality of beer served in the first-class lounges. However, in both situations, Delta is always a safer choice.

Delta Vs UnitedBest In-flight amenities

When you fly first class with Delta Airlines, you will be treated with much attention and care. Once you board the flight, you will be greeted with complimentary drinks before the departure of your flight. Apart from relaxing on comfortable seats with great leg space, you will have a good time munching on tasty snacks served on short-haul flights and enjoying a wholesome meal and drinks on longer flights. Delta Airlines will also provide you with several options to keep you entertained. You can stream your favorite movies or series on your personal device with the help of the available free wi-fi.

You can keep your cabin luggage in the overhead luggage space and outlets to charge your iPhone.

Coming to the inflight services provide on United Airlines, you will not be disheartened as the airlines will please you with more or less the same kind of facilities and onboard services. From comfortable seats to multicourse meals, United Airlines has it all to make a customer happy. The multi-course meal served on a United Airlines’ flight is of international quality and comes along with three entree choices. The menus served on United Airlines are in association with The Trotter Project, which is named after the renowned chef Charlie Trotter. United Airlines in-flight entertainment gives you the luxury of private screening where you can watch your favorite movies.

Delta Vs UnitedBest Baggage Policies

Both the airlines more or less have a similar kind of baggage policies. According to the United Airlines baggage policy, each passenger is allowed to take one carry-on bag and one personal item that too free of cost. If you are flying with a Basic Economy ticket, you can carry only one personal item.

On the other hand, Delta Airlines allows you to carry one personal item and one carry-on item without paying any baggage fees. For checked baggage, your baggage fee increases with the number of checked baggage.

Frequent flyer program

Delta’s frequent flyer program known as SkyMiles has not gained much acclamation as compared to United Airlines’ Frequent Flyer program. Though the frequent flyer program of Delta was the first revenue-based program, it collected all kinds of negative reviews. However, Delta’s performance is highly praised in areas such as customer satisfaction and in-flight amenities. As a result, it doesn’t spend much on its loyalty program SkyMiles to come in the notice of customers. On the other hand, the frequent Flyer Program of United Airlines called Mileage Plus has done a decent job. It is not one of the best Frequent Flyer programs but is also not as bad as SkyMiles.

Fleet-wide consistency

 It is quite unfortunate that the layout and design of the Business Class cabin and the type of seat that you will be assigned depends on the type of aircraft you are traveling. It is a fact that no major USA airlines provide the same kind of Business Class product across their fleet. However, United Airlines is the only airlines that provide one consistent Business Class product on its entire wide-body fleet


The lounges of both the USA legacy carriers have a wide network of lounges within the US boundaries and also across the world. While comparing the lounges of both United and Delta Airlines, United Airlines new launched Polaris lounges in places like Chicago, San Francisco, Newark, and Houston are worth a mention and has been ranked as the best airline lounges within the U.S.


It is quite tricky to get a direct route for both the airlines. The prices of both airlines are quite competitive and almost overshadow each other’s flight prices. However, if you catch a connecting flight through the hubs of these airlines, the prices of United Airlines seem a little cheap to that compared with Delta Airlines. Howsoever, there is no clear winner when it comes to the direct flight prices of both the airlines.

Whenever you compare the services provided by these two popular airlines, the ultimate choice depends on the price of the flight as the experience provided by both airlines is more or less the same. The level and quality of service might vary from time to time but that does not make any big difference. For a long journey, among these two airlines, you will probably be satisfied with the services of Delta because of the complimentary meal and free inflight entertainment. Delta Airlines is also considered as the most trustworthy airline when you are talking about the amenities provided in the first class that United Airlines do not even come close by.

Said so, the choice entirely depends on the kind of service you prefer and also on the loyalty towards a particular flight.

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